Cold Winds Blow
William J. Hall - January, 1973

  1 We came all the way from dreamland to see you
  2 We were hoping that you'd let us stay a while
  3 Now I really don't think
  4 We'll be coming back here
  5 Again
  6 Really doesn't matter anyhow
  7 And I guess we knew
  8 In the end
  9 We all come
  10 Shining through
  11 All around here
  12 Cold winds blow
  13 When I think of all the places we wander in
  14 In the world beyond our eyes
  15 Where we go
  16 Is really much
  17 The same
  18 With the darkness coming down
  19 Much for us to do
  20 In the end
  21 We all come
  22 Shining through
  23 All around here
  24 Cold winds blow
  25 Ong namo
  26 Guru deva namo
  27 Ong namo
  28 Guru deva namo
  29 We came all the way from dreamland to see you
  30 With the daylight in our eyes
  31 Now I know
  32 That feeling's here
  33 To stay
  34 You can see it all around
  35 You can feel it too
  36 In the end
  37 We all come
  38 Shining through
  39 All around here
  40 Cold winds blow

William J. Hall 1973 all rights reserved ASCAP

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