Gypsy Boy
William J. Hall - July, 1972

  1 Make me feel like a ragamuffin gypsy boy
  2 From a long, long time ago
  3 Lovely lady riding by my side
  4 Miles and miles to go
  5 See the road stretching on ahead
  6 Watch it roll and flow
  7 The gypsy and the lady
  8 With miles and miles to go
  9 Did it all catch you sleeping?
  10 Did it take you by surprise - oooh?
  11 When we woke up on the roadway
  12 With the daylight in our eyes
  13 With the moon in our window
  14 And the starlight in our skies - la la la
  15 Lovely lady and the ragamuffin gypsy boy, pure joy
  14 With the daylight in our eyes

William J. Hall 1972 all rights reserved ASCAP

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