William J. Hall - November, 1969

  1 Celeste
  2 Child of the dawning
  3 Come you to meet me
  4 In the morning
  5 Celeste
  6 I long to see you again
  7 I've been away and I've missed you
  8 My dear friend
  9 Nothing that I wouldn't do
  10 Just to see you, to see you
  11 To see you
  12 Pacific ocean
  13 California rain
  14 Rocky mountain weather
  15 And the plains
  16 Mississippi river
  17 Appalachian Hills
  18 Irie-Lackawanna through Passaic
  19 And I ain't got no bills
  20 You know I'm coming right on through
  21 Just to see you, to see you
  22 To see you
  23 City skyline
  24 In pulls the train
  25 You're on the platform
  26 In the rain
  27 Like a drop of sun
  28 In the cloudy sky
  29 So good to have you near me
  30 That I cry
  31 Nothing that I wouldn't do
  32 To spend some time here with you
  33 Here with  you

William J. Hall 1969 all rights reserved ASCAP

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